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Friday on Fire - Tashkent International School's annual fundraiser for Project 3580

Friday on Fire

It was a silent Friday evening. Everybody had left school, and there were cold drops falling from the growing clouds. The campus was cold. It was hard to see inside of the building through the window because of slight fog and frost and the posters sticking all around the place. People then gathered and headed a certain direction, to the MPR. There was some people in the audience’s way--the raffle sellers. They occupied the office and offered raffle tickets, while checking the nightclub-ish concert ticket. Some bought none, some bought one, and some bought 15 raffle tickets.

The audience waited till the old men allowed them to get in. They saw students in fancy clothes and make-ups running all around. The audience smelled croissant with chocolate and cheese. They might have smelled Oreo because one of the council members couldn’t bear his hunger.

The house-light was turned off. The spot-light was turned on. One and a half hour elapsed as the audience followed the movement -either of the body or the musical notes- of the performers.

Friday on Fire(or FoF, for short) is the annual talent show, led by Project 3580. This year’s show took place on 10 February 2017. More than 120 audience members and 40 performers spent their time for the event-not to mention Project 3580 members, tech people and those who allowed the council to use the room and facilities. It was a surprise that all 120 tickets were sold because it costed quite a fortune, 40,000 soum.

This year’s show contained two non-competitive faculty performances and 9 competitive performances. Julia June won the ‘Best Singer Award,’ Olivia and Munavvar the ‘Best Dancer Award’ and Ms. Ariana and Ms. Alicia the ‘Best Faculty Performer Award.’ Project 3580 appreciated all the participants.

After the event, Project 3580 members gathered and calculated the revenue of the event. It was greater than expected, 6,666,200 soum. Having discussed the strength and the weakness of this year’s event, they started to outline the future events. They also prepared small ‘thank you letters.’ They will be delivered to all participants of the greatest night live, FoF.


, TIS Grade 11. Originally published in the TIS Newsletter, March 2, 2017

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